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Styling Pro: How To Become A Professional Stylist

About The Styling Pro e-Course

The Styling Pro e-Course is a mandatory course for any current or aspiring stylist who wants to be a real professional at styling, as it offers all the basic styling concepts and techniques you need to know about. This course is also a key requirement if you wish to take other courses in the future, such as the Celebrity Styling e-course or the Turn Your Passion Into Business e-course.
The purpose of this course is to teach students the basics of styling through pre-recorded videos that enable them to learn at their own pace and at their convenience. Moreover, it will provide you with tips and practical exercises to help you apply the knowledge you acquired in creating successful looks for real clients.

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  • What you'll learn
    • Body Proportions & Shapes
    • Color Groups & Color Meanings
    • Creating Standout Looks Based on Body & Skin Types
    • Must-have Pieces in a Woman’s Wardrobe
    • Must-have Pieces in a Man’s Wardrobe
    • How to Mix & Match Pieces Based on Colors & Fabrics
    • The 6 Personal Styles
    • Creating Different Looks Using One Key Piece
  • Requirements

    • The Styling Pro e-course requires no previous knowledge in styling

  • This course is for
    • Fashion lovers who wish to become styling professionals

    • Students majoring in styling or fashion

    • Current stylists who want to acquire basic styling concepts and techniques

The Styling Pro e-Course is divided into 4 modules:

Module 1 (9 Minutes)

Body Analysis

  • Chapter 1: Styling According to Body Proportions
  • Chapter 2: Styling According to Body Shapes
  • Module 2 (14 Minutes)

    Color Analysis

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Undertones
  • Chapter 2: Understanding Color Hues, Values, Intensity & Temperature
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    Module 3 (6 Minutes)

    The Art of Mix & Match

  • Chapter 1: Creating Perfect Mix & Match Looks Based on Color Groups
  • Chapter 2: Quick Guide for Men’s Mix & Match Looks
  • Chapter 3: Basic Pieces to Create Men’s Mix & Match Looks
  • Chapter 4: Demo for Men’s Mix & Match Looks
  • Chapter 5: Basic Pieces to Create Women’s Mix & Match Looks
  • Chapter 6: Demo for Women’s Mix & Match Looks
  • Module 4 (7 Minutes)

    Personal Fashion Style

  • Chapter 1: The Dramatic Style – How to Create a Statement Look?
  • Chapter 2: The Elegant Style – How to Create a Detailed Look?
  • Chapter 3: The Relaxed Style – How to Create a Natural Look?
  • Chapter 4: The Romantic Style – How to Create a Feminine Look?
  • Chapter 5: The Sportive Style – How to Create an Outdoorsy Look?
  • Chapter 6: The Traditional Style – How to Create a Timeless Look?
    • Modules: 4
    • Video: 20
    • Duration: 40 Minutes
    • Subject: Professional Styling
    • Demos: Yes
    • Level: Introductory
    • Language: Arabic
    • Video Subtitle: N/A
    • Certificate: Yes

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