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The Powers of Styling Masterclass Program

About The The Powers of Styling e-Course

Welcome to our esteemed E-Learning platform, where you can acquire recorded live sessions from the genuine classroom setting of "Live with Mayssa Assaf," featuring interaction with real students. Immerse yourself in insightful K-studies, meticulously crafted modules and valuable informational content—all at your convenience and preferred pace. Revel in the opportunity to witness captivating guest speakers during these sessions. Upon your purchase, not only will you gain access to this enriching experience, but you will also receive an esteemed certificate of completion, accompanied by all essential course materials. Embrace a tailored and sophisticated learning journey, perfectly suited to your aspirations.

"The Powers of Styling Masterclass Program" combines 3 online courses featuring expert hands-on advice, clear guidelines, and real-life examples which will contribute to elevating your styling standards.

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  • What you'll learn
    • Body Proportions & Shapes
    • Color Groups & Color Meanings
    • Creating Standout Looks Based on Body & Skin Types
    • Must-have Pieces in a Woman’s Wardrobe
    • Must-have Pieces in a Man’s Wardrobe
    • How to Mix & Match Pieces Based on Colors & Fabrics
    • The 6 Personal Styles
    • Creating Different Looks Using One Key Piece
  • Requirements

    • The Powers of Styling e-course requires no previous knowledge in styling

  • This course is for
    • Fashion lovers who wish to become styling professionals

    • Students majoring in styling or fashion

    • Current stylists who want to acquire basic styling concepts and techniques
  • Certificate

Styling Pro:
How To Become A Professional Stylist

(7 Sessions)

Styling Pro:
How To Become A Professional Stylist

1- Become a Certified Styling Professional
2- Learn all the tricks and techniques of a skilled stylist
3- Learn the secrets behind being a successful stylist

Course Outline

  • 1: Introduction to Styling
  • 2: Key Concepts
  • 3: Setting Objectives: Know Your Purpose
  • 4: Color Analysis
  • 5: Body Analysis: Creating Balance
  • 6: The Yin & Yang Concept
  • 7: Fashion Styles
  • 8: Hair & Makeup: The Secrets of the Face
  • 9: Closet Design: How to Organize a Wardrobe
  • 10: The Art of Mixing & Matching
    • Courses: 1
    • Video: 7
    • Duration: 16 Hours
    • Subject: Styling Pro
    • Demos: Yes
    • Level: Introductory
    • Language: Arabic
    • Video Subtitle: N/A
    • Certificate: Yes

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